Giving children the foundation that will carry them through life…

Highland Christian Preschool Center has been a ministry of the Highland Church of the Nazarene for over 45 years! The objectives of Highland Christian Preschool Center are to provide guidance for preschool children through experiences which enable them to adjust to adults and children of their own age. Our program is a comprehensive one. A variety of activities and learning experiences such as gym or outdoor play, music, early math, early science, story time, show and tell, group participation, Bible stories, art, crafts, snack, and field trips are an essential part of every class.

Your child has the opportunity to express their creativity in a variety of mediums sure to hold their interest and build their confidence! Highland Christian Preschool Center is committed to providing your child with the best possible preschool experience in a distinctly Christian atmosphere. Our program is designed to be developmentaly appropriate using a variety of activities that encourage physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.


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